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Our experience in designing and managing portfolios for High Net Worth and affluent clients is echoed in a pooled fund product.
At Exponent Investment Management, we help clients move from active business or professional income to passive investment income more commonly referred to as retirement. In other words, we help clients live from their investments and other income sources. We call it Your State of Independence.


The focus and need for income on the part of our clients directs our attention to companies that have a history, ability and policy of rewarding shareholders with dividend income. Thus, the EIM Partners Fund will predominantly be invested in dividend paying stocks.


Dividend income is important, but growth is equally important. We are looking for companies that grow their income and thus the value of their operations over time. As the profits grow, the dividend payments also tend to grow along with the share price.


The pooled fund structure caters to the needs of some of our clients. We will apply the same investing principles we have used for over twenty years, but do so in a fund form.

The pooled fund is effectively a private mutual fund for the clients of Exponent Investment Management Inc. The pool is best suited for these situations:

Significant family holdings that include additional small accounts: Some clients have substantial investments to deploy but will include a few or several small accounts. Using a pooled fund for the smaller accounts allows for instant diversification in one investment.

Size of portfolio to invest: Having a pool allows us to extend our service offerings to children and other family members of our clients. While the client receives the benefits of direct stock ownership in dividend paying companies, the family member or child may not be as far along in terms of capital to invest. The pooled fund allows an investor a cost effective manner to invest in our portfolios without being excluded by minimum investments many of our competitors impose.

Systematic investments or withdrawals: A subset of clients will be depositing or withdrawing funds from one or some of their investment accounts every month. It could be an RRSP, RESP, TFSA or a RRIF. In all cases, the result is the same; a transaction must transpire – a sale in the case of a withdrawal, or a purchase in the case of a deposit. A pooled fund enables us to avoid the monthly “what stock are we selling/ buying this month to fund the transaction?” decision. By selling units in the fund, we are effectively selling or buying a bit of everything thereby keeping the balance of the portfolio as intended.

Click here to view the current holdings and prices

Click here to view the current holdings and prices

Click here to view the current holdings and prices


Why Choose Exponent?

Advisor Management Fees Access To Advisor
Exponent Investment Management
0.3% - 1.6% *
- Custom Plans - Always Available To Meet Or For A Call - Customers First - Help Out In Many Ways More Than Just Investing
1.5% - 3%
- Hard To Reach - Rare To Get A Bank Advisors Even On A Phone Call - Sells You A Pre Packaged Mutual Fund
Robo Advisors
0.3% - 0.4% + Product Fee
- You Create Your Own Plan - You Manage And Research Yourself - No Phone Numbers Or Even An Email Address To Contact Someone For Advice

* Fees vary depending on asset size. Larger accounts get a lower fee.



We will show you a snapshot of the portfolio every month. On an annual basis, we will share audited financial reports as well as an annual report outlining the transactions that occurred in the fund.


The strategy and approach of the fund is the same used by the portfolio manager throughout his career: dividend income and growth of both income and capital over time.


The fund is not able to invest in illiquid and unlisted private companies or structures. Only listed stocks and securities are permitted. The fund cannot borrow to invest. The fund is governed by an outside fund manager, trustee, and auditor. The structure by its very nature is the safeguard of the fund.


Benoit Poliquin

President & Portfolio Manager

Portfolio Manager: Benoît Poliquin is the portfolio manager of the fund.

Along with members of his team, he will direct and execute the investment decisions for the fund.

Investment Fund Manager: Majestic Fund Solutions is the manager that takes care of the day-to-day administrative tasks that come with a pooled fund. The hiring of a third party for this role allows the portfolio manager to focus on what a portfolio manager should be doing: investment decisions. The hiring of an outside Investment Fund Manager allows for counsel and significant cost savings that would otherwise be difficult to obtain.

Custodian: The individual investments made by the unit holders are pooled and held with the custodian of the fund. The Custodian is Aviso Wealth. The role of the custodian is to hold the securities that make up the fund and facilitate the trading of these securities.

Record Keeping: Keeping track of the unit holders, the value of the units in the fund, the tax reporting and year end audits services are provided by SGGG Fund Services Inc.

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