• Securities Linked Note
  • Enables investor hold a security with guaranteed return plus extra coming from another asset class. E.g Equity-Linked note gives a guaranteed return (based on some selected benchmark eg. Tbills yield + 1%) and extra when a selected equities benchmark return is positive
  • Managed Portfolio
  • Enables investor hold a specify securities to be selected in the investment portfolio. The firm seeks to earn extra return but at no risk to the investor through active management (which include strategies like shorting, margin trading etc). No extra risk is borne by client than holding risk for selected security but there is opportunity to earn extra
  • Opportunistic Trading
  • Client are requested to fund account at very short notice to take advantage of identified short term trading opportunities. Trades are unwound immediately after earning positive returns (with 30-90 days). Investors take net returns after manager’s compensation. Investors protected from downsides.
  • Short Term Notes
  • Enables investors invest for 30-days, 60-days , 150days , 180 days, 360 days based on available opportunities only.
  • Short TermWorking Capital FinancingInstruments
  • Available to credit worthy clients after rigorous screening. Designed to meet
    funding needs and create short term,minimum risk investment instrument forinvesting Client.
  • Structured Loans, Structured Leases and Private Equity
  • Tailored made financing schemes to suit the precise needs of screened,tested and trusted credit worthy clients.